7 Fantastic Reasons To Consider Clay Tiles for Your Roof

Maybe you don’t usually get too excited about roofing materials, but when you consider all the reasons to love clay roofing tiles installed by a local roofing company, you can’t really stop yourself.

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Especially considering how important your roof is to the investment of your home, you want to feel good about the improvement decisions you make, every time with your roofing contractors in Hidden Meadows, CA.

When choosing between the different roof types available, clay roofing tiles really stand out. Here are seven important reasons why:

  1. The Way They Look

Whether your home features Spanish, Mediterranean or some other highly coveted style of architecture, clay tile roofs look exquisite. Even if your home is of traditional construction, the vibrant color and unique shapes will add an outstanding finish. Clay is thought to have been first used in China and in the Mediterranean as early as 10,000 B.C., making it one of the oldest types of tile still in use. You’ll see why, once you have them installed on your house.

  1. How Long They’ll Last

These tiles don’t just look good, they last as well. Not just a few decades like their common tile counterparts, but a decade or more. That’s a serious return on your investment.

  1. How They’re Fire-Resistant

Even if you don’t live in an arid climate, prone to wild fires, your home is still in danger of catching fire from hot embers drifting in the wind. When your roof is fireproof, like with clay, this is one major headache you don’t have to worry about.

  1. The Styles And Colors You Can Choose From

Although a bright rusty-red is the most common color for these roofing tiles, they are available in many more. From deep blues to forest green to stark white, you can adorn your home in just about any color. Styles, too, abound, like embossed, curved, pointed and flat.

  1. The Way They’ll Stand Up To Weather

No matter what climate you live in, these tiles can take it. Vermont winters, where you can endure nearly 100 inches of snow in a season? Not a problem. The seething heat of Death Valley isn’t either, because there’s virtually no type of weather you can throw at clay tile that it can’t handle.

  1. The Fact That They’re Natural Insulators

Beneath a properly installed clay roof, air can move freely, which means you’ll have more consistent temperatures inside, be it cool temps in Summer or heated air in Winter. That doesn’t just keep you more comfortable, but it should save on your energy bills, too.

  1. How Little Maintenance You Need To Perform

Just when you thought there weren’t any more reasons to love this elegant, but tough tile, consider how little, if any, maintenance you need to perform or have performed on them. Aside from your annual or semi-annual inspection and a little cleaning, there’s not much in the way of hard work. Just be careful never to walk on your clay roof to clean off leaves or other debris, as the tiles may not stand up to the weight of an adult human.

Ultimately, you want to love the way your home looks and you want to feel really secure about how it’s made and what it’s made with. Clay roofing tiles from Bob Piva Roofing Company that has been serving as a roofing contractor in Hidden Meadows, CA for decades are in a class by themselves and you’ll see that, after you have them installed. Years later, though, you’re still going to be pleased with your decision to go with them, because they’ll still be performing well and looking as good as ever.